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The Health Plan Chooser allows CalPERS members to view the majority of their health plan information in one place, compare plans side-by-side and rank each plan based on personal preferences.

CalPERS welcomes your feedback. After using this tool, please complete the survey on either the Results page or the QuickCompare page.

Note: This information is for the 2016 plan year only (January 1 - December 31, 2016).

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How to Use This Tool For Returning Users
  1. Create your profile: Chooser uses your information to identify available plans, calculate costs and tailor plan comparisons for you.
  2. Compare and rate plans: Review plan Costs, Doctors, Quality of Care and Patient Experience Ratings, Features and Services information and rate each plan according to your needs.
  3. Print or save results: Summarized results provide you with a comparison of all available plans based on your information.
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